I love bounty builders. It gives the average new player a chance to make some cash without actually making the cash. And if you have the skill and run good you can make some serious money before actually reaching the final table. Unfortunatly today was not one of those days. Registered for the $11 BB and it started off very well. Got my stack up to 3x the starting stack and collected $7 in bounties along the way. But disaster stuck in the first hand after the break. I woke up UTG with JJ. Raised 3x BB. Cut off calls while everyone else folds. We see a flop of 259, all clubs. I have the J of clubs in my hand. I lead and my opponent pushes all in. I see the dreaded AA's which he slow played. He ended up winning the pot at that was the end for me. But i love the fact that the tournement only cost me $4. Its not a profit but its something.