been trying this PSO thing for a few weeks now and, sometimes, i think some people don't really understand poker. i had a friend literally sit and watch me get drawn out on in FOUR straight tourneys yesterday. i don't think she would have believed it if she hadn't seen it for herself. each time i pushed, i raised preflop, had a made hand and was ahead(twice w/ KK and once w/ AA) on the flop. i'm generally the type of player that doesn't push unless i have the nuts or close to it and almost never with a draw myself. but some players in PSO seem content to play draws when most players would lay them down.

i don't mind losing if i'm already behind when we turn the cards over, but to go from way ahead to behind in 2 cards really sucks when they shouldn't have been playing trash to begin with. i know it happens sometimes, but it's infuriating when it happens over and over and over and then people are saying, "nh." no, it's not a nice hand. it's a bad play that lucked out on the end. anyway, usually if i can outlast the initial wave of idiots, those left actually seem to know how to play. i'm trying to go deep into each tourney to at least get the points, but it's hard with maniacs pushing with and calling everything. glad at least some people play actual poker.