My patience and persistence has paid off and I finally broke my cherry at cashing in the 0.10 360s. When I opened my first 4 tonight, I could just tell that I was in a different zone than I had been. I found it easier to concentrate with 4 open since I was forced to do the logical play and not get too fancy with position raises and button bluffs. I went out early in the first one and opened a 5th. In the 3 of the other 4 I went decently deep but no cash, busting around 80ish in one and low 50s in the other 2. The one that popped my cherry I ended up finishing 4th. Went out with 88 in a hand that ended up all in preflop 4 ways against 99, A9o, and AKs. The 9s held and I made my exit. After such a bad starting cashless streak, this still didn't bring me back to even. However, if definitely help my confidence that I was able to find my zone and concentrate well. During the week I'm not putting in monster grinding sessions after work. However, now that I know what my zone feels like I'll be able to recognize it again and recognize when it's not feeling right. That's going to help me more down the road. So my journey continues on a positive note. JasonMingus