Hello PSO players .

I thought I would share with you a spot of good fortune I had playing the largest tournament I have entered to date .

A Rags to Riches round 1 event : free to enter via a password from the Rags to Riches website , a field of 2551 entrants started the tourney ..... over 5 hours later there were only 4 players left - and I was one of them !

As if to add to the accomplishment , I was the player that eliminated 5th place on the bubble qualifying the top 4 to go forward into round 2 .  This win is counting for a lot at the moment as , my experiences thus far have been gained from the PSO league and micro stakes Sit & Go games . 

My confidence in tournament poker is being duly realised by this success .

I might even buy-in to a big tournament one day .

Good luck at the tables .