Hello PSO players ,

I have achieved 'Active Status' in the PSO League for the following month , therefore qualifying for the 'Maximum Cash Reward' based upon 'Leaderboard Ranking'  -  and I would like to let you know how it can be done for only a few dollars stake at the most .

Go to the Hold-em tables and choose the 'Micro' ring tables , then identify the minimum amount of buy-in you are prepared to stake - 1c/2c is the lowest , and select tables with the highest average pot in your stake category .  When sat at the table all you have to do is fold every hand you are dealt , any hands that are played above a 20c pot will automatically qualify as 'Rake' and count towards your own VPP/FPP , even though you did not play your 2 whole cards .

As long as you are being dealt cards you are part of the hand , therefore by limiting yourself to playing only monster hands , winning a few small pots whilst folding everything else , you can be increasing your VPP/FPP free of charge as the other players at the table play for cash winnings - thus creating the rake that qualifies for VPP/FPP on your behalf . 

You might even win a few dollars as you go along .

I played for a few hours over 2 days , earning 21 VPP and winning $2 or $3 at the same time .  I might well do the same next month - if my VIP status needs the boost .

Good Luck at the tables .