So, one real life thing happened and then another; and then I forgot about this blog.

Not playing much poker helped as well. ._.


So, I have until the 26th of June to clear my FDB on PokerStars. I must do something about this immediately, immediately, immediately! Seriously though, I'll starting grinding today.

Hopefully move up to NL25 zoom at some point. I have a $3k roll and I'm playing NL10 still, that's bad. But I simply cannot stomach losing $60 in a day, which happens really easily to me at higher limits.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog that has never delivered.

There is still hope. You are stopping by. I have a keyboard. Poker is a thing. We can do this together.

Oh! I just remembered, while I was not typing my posts Victoria Coren Mitchell won her 2nd EPT title at Sanremo, or someplace. That's so amazingly great and made me happy through the roof. I think I'll have to read some of her stories or novels or whatever it is that she writes. I'm a really big fan of her and her husbands tv chemistry and their tv personas. I'm guessing they are really cool and fun and quirky irl as well.

Okay, you have a nice day and see you later. And thanks.