Hiyo all,

so a lot has been going on. Unfortunately not much grinding. I still played every day, but just a little. I will have to put in the hours until the end of month to catch my gold rank again.

But the interesting thing was that I got talking to an old friend who I know sometimes makes sport bets. Our conversation got to poker and I told him how much I played and my interest in it. That resulted with him actually sitting down at a NL2 table and starting to play real poker.

He has so much to learn and so many bad habits to get rid off. People in general have so many misconceptions, so many beliefs they have a hard time letting go when, maybe.. it would make their life better if they did. I'm not sure if he'll do well in the end, but it's an opportunity to do something more than just gamble.

In any case, teaching him and giving him advice while he played really made me think about my game and my current skill. He plays only one table now and each hand we were both 100% concentrated on making the right play, and understanding why we're thinking it is right. I should be doing that too, I might be hindering my progress just by the fact that I'm pushing myself to reach some volume goals.

Well, we'll see. I'm off to catch a movie and grind.