so this month.. started horribly. On April 1st I was watching a 5h long poker video and grinded alongside it, feeling quite happy with my play and being really motivated. I can't remember the last time I grinded 5 straight hours.

Well, results were pretty awful. I guess part due to the fact that I was distracting myself, which I normally never do. It felt really strange though seeing the results in the end. Positive thing is that I wasn't even aware of my results while playing (usually I keep track of them in my mind, or check database.. even though I don't want to think of them), but on the negative side.. what the hell? ._. Who loses that much money on a limit they're supposed to be beating?

Anyway, the last two days were not much better. I've played a bit higher stakes (I am rolled, don't worry) with weaker opponents but that went bad as well. Not a huge loss bb wise, but still kinda sad considering who I played against. "Can't win them all" - or some such thing I should maybe say and brush it off, but, uh.. feels gross.

For whatever reason writing this blog was really hard from the start. It's nothing like the weird blogs I used to have as a kid. It was so easy.. lol, okay. Lets not make this post too pathetic.

I'll be busy with some real life stuff for a day or two so I won't play much. I'll update once I start playing again.

Take care, bye.