Hello reader,

try to listen to the song if you can. Probably a bad practice to use the song name in the title of the post and then link it, but meh.

End of March is closing in and I'm still trying to get even because of the NL25 experience. Hehe, but things aren't bad by any means.

I was thinking how valuable that experience was. I should try it again once I feel like I've progressed at least somewhat. Oh, but what I wanted to say was.. I'm 5 VPPs away from reaching gold status! That's exciting, I'll be able to participate in the $100k freeroll for golds.

I've also decided not to spend my FPPs. I think I'll collect them.. eh.. for maybe one day I'll reach platinum or supernova. I know if I go for cash bonus, it's only 1% or 2% difference, but since I'm really not that concerned with cash at the moment I can afford not cashing FPPs asap. *nods*

Thanks for stopping by, reader. Hope you enjoyed the song.