Hello reader,

so the Micro Millions is over. Haven't become filthy rich. Hehe, it was fun to play in the few events I did play. I was most bummed out for losing in the first round of a $2 HU event.

Cash game went great this week. Ever since I stepped down to NL10 I haven't had a losing day. That feels good, but it wasn't the plan! The great plan was to move up.

And I haven't finished the literature I told myself to read. Still, feel like I've thought about the game a lot and did improve. I read hand discussion forums, but that's such a.. painful way for me to learn. Yet people I respect the most say that's the way they learned.

Hmh, shouldn't expect the same thing to have to work for me.

Okay, I think I'll stop here for today. For some reason I'm struggling with writing in english a bit.

Thanks for stopping by!