Hello reader,

haven't been writing anything because I felt it'd be stupid to just write "I'm playing so-so, but I'm on a heater and BR is increasing." Which is basically what was happening lately.

I'm up 20 buyins on NL10 zoom this month. Yet.. today I've lost so much money on just 1 table of NL25 zoom that I can proudly make a post about it. ... 

In reality money isn't a problem, I have won a lot of moniez (for NL10/NL25 BR standards) luckboxing some tournaments. The issue is my playing skill. I have been playing NL10 limits for over a year now.

So, more thinking and more studying! And better posts on my blog. 

Speaking of, thanks Kanizaki for being the first to comment! And being really nice.

Thanks for stopping by.


EDIT: Lets take a look at some of those hands:

Don't love my turn play, I was risking giving oponent a free card. I was too confident. I'd like a b/c on turn.

This seems standard. Probably would be better to not be lazy, but reraise AI on the flop just to be done with action and run the cards.

This hand shows why it's not just bad luck why I've lost so much moniez on NL25. Flop cbet should be bigger and afterwards I'm not sure. Everything seems misplayed.