Hi readers,


so I've played 3 Open Skill League freerolls since my last post. Didn't do much in them, but I didn't bust out like right away, so I think PokerStars appreciates that and will give me some points. I think that's awesome. I'll actually play a lot of those tournaments this month, just because I can relax and have fun with them.

Cash game wise I was down $40 in my first.. 300 hands and it really felt nasty. But I played some more and climbed up to minus $22. Which is lol, still negative, but I'll play some more later today.

Oh, right, milestone VPPs for this year are over 4k so my next milestone cash is $50. That's really good.

At some point I'll share some hands and talk a bit about what I think about when I play. I have yet to use that boom thingy too. No hurry, I think.

Thanks for stopping by.