I have read some time ago that March is the month that most people start slacking poker-wise. For me it was early February when I took a 10-day-or-so break and then couldn't catch up to my January's hard-earned gold rank.

Well, we'll correct it this month. It's not super-easy to get gold by playing NL10 zoom, but it's doable. I estimate I'll need ~70k hands.

So, yeah. I'm not sure what this blog will be about, but I'll try posting something, hm, interesting. I'm still kinda new to PokerStars, only been here for 2 months. Seems like a lot is going on here. I love those shootout tournaments, I just need to remember to not hold my breath while watching them.

31 minutes until the PokerSchool Open Skill Leage tourney. Guess I better be ready in 16 minutes to join it. That thing fills up in minutes.

See you in my next post.