Was so close to making more money. (within range of the 50$ 1st prize) 

Managed to turn my 3$ profit into 13$ the first day. I did really good on a 1.10 progressive and managed to get to the 13$. 

That was a couple days ago.

I continued to battle with my bankroll with $1 KO sit and gos and get up to 22$.

Earlier today I put $5 on a .05/.10 table to try my luck at the match game. I ended up doubling and bit more to 37$.

I then went to work for 5 hours and came back in time to play premier league and then tried my luck on the match game on the five cent and ten cent. The match was renewed and I made 2$ doing that and tripled + a little more with a nice AA hand against QQ to make my bankroll an even $60.

Not bad from $3!

I will try to steadily play and try and hit $100.


Thanks for everything Pokerstars!