Yes a final table again. Out of over 600 entrants I managed to get 4th. 


Early on I had about 1500 chips left with no good cards in sight. I sighed and expresed to myself that I haven't had any hands to call with, let alone get to a flop with. So when j9 came along I decided to call a preflop raise and see the flop. Letting my inhibitions go must have been a good thing (for that hand only) , as the flop was Q 2 8, another big raise put me at 900 chips for the turn, which was another Q. Bad card to see but I was so invested I decided to see the river. I called the all-in (This hand was 3-way by the way) 

The river was my wonderful 10!!! to make my straight, I just hoped that no one had the full-house. The initial raiser had AA while the other had AJ. So I was up to about 4000 chips. I was feeling good as I thought my tournament was over. 

After that hand I continually got pocket cards and was winning almost every hand I was in. I was chip leader from about 300 people on and had a double stack on the nearest player. The bad thing is I had to work at 5 pm and it was about 330 pm my time. 

So around 430 I eventually hit final table and 4 people go out very quickly. with 5 people left I had about 500,000 chips and was calling with almost anything to try and end the tournament before I had to go. 

I had 78 of diamonds and flopped a flush. A guy I had a battle with two hands before who beat my jacks on the river with 99 was in the hand and there was a 3 way allin. Flop was q910 of diamonds. The guy who rivered my jacks had nines again and when Q hit on the river he full-housed my 9s and I lost a majority of my stack. The other guy went out on AJ and I think he rivered a straight but it did not matter. I had about 100,000 chips left and went all-in but had to go so I don't know if I lost on that hand or the next, but I got 4th.

I'll take it! I got almost 100 points tacked on to my total and jumped over 800 spots in the league.