Haven't had a minus round in 5 full rounds.


Had my first final table of the month 9 rounds ago and hit 3 in a row minus rounds, but am now back on track. Just hit in the 200's out of 10,000 and am awaiting the tally from that. This should put me in around 200th I am hoping and almost breaking 2000 points. If I can manage to play 2 more tournaments each day and do well I think I can make my goal of being top 5, but we will see. Gotta keep to the plan!

Has been good competition everyone and I am hoping I can attain my goal. 

What are some of your goals? I would like to hear them. I have heard of Bankroll goals but what are some other goals everyone has? Sunday Million champ is on my list and it could take a decade to get, but I am willing to make that a long-term goal!


I just wanted to shout-out to Negreanu as well. You are a card-calling Master Yoda! Can you teach me the force?


Good day everyone