I have had some really good tournaments this month. Have gone deep in more than a few (Past the third hand for hands, and have kept it to the small ball basics. Last month I had some pretty bad losses in the league and kind of lost control in tournaments after that. 




This month is a different story as I had a few good starts to get over 1700 points. I have been trying to just get positive scores and outlast people and call as few all-ins as possible and try to just bet the right amounts and see flops. Min raises are key in Pokerschool and sometimes 3 bets to try and get a heads up match. Post flop play is just as or even more important than pre-flop. If you cannot bet the right bets after the flop then you can easily get outmaneuvered. Like they say, "your story has to make sense", this is very true in regards to all the hands you play, especially an intending bluff. 

To date I have 14 positive scores and 8 negative ones. Most of the negative ones are under -10 and I have had some bigger positives with 50's and 60's. If I can continue to score positives I am happy, but I have to get rid of those negative scores If I want to place high in the league.  Remember sometimes you have to take that extra time on the clock and think about how your opponent played and maybe make the hero fold. It much easier to make that fold if you aren't over-invested in the pot. Pot control pot control pot control!