Well its been another move for me from Biggar back to Saskatoon, where I got a job now and have to step back into reality. Working nights isn't too bad. Found a nice little one bedroom deal where I still have internet and play my open skills! 

I will have to lay off the real money games as I have to pay rent now and try and save cash. I am going to try and save some money for the TCOOP and in the time leading up to it to try and sculpt my game to a new level. 

I have had some good games starting off in the league by playing it right and not committing too much preflop and keeping the pots small until I know I have the hand, but a couple recent games I risked it all with aj suited early on and got flushed to a guy who called into the hand after me and another guy were at it and managed to hit his flush with his one card of his hand....I had the best hand but I should know by now to fold that and not risk it.

So time to put my mind to the grind and keep the tactics of small ball poker.


Good luck to everyone this month, and may the cards be with you!