I decided to put $100 on pokerstars today. Was just getting started with some .25 cent spin and gos and something caught my eye. A Sunday Million satellite NL holdem tournament with about 35 people in it at the time. There ended up being 87 registrants altogether. I haven't played one of these for a few years now (I have got 3 tickets from them). 

So there were 4 tickets to be won and I was at the final table with 530,000 chips and in first. The chips were spread around with one guy at the lowest end with around 250,000. I was feeling good as I knew these other players would probably know to get the odd man out with the lowest chips. A little later the low-stack ships and I have aq offsuit. I waited about ten seconds and called, putting him on an ace with a lower kicker or qj or k10, something like that. He had a7 and spiked a 7 on the flop, and I hit bricks to switch places with him and become the low-stack at around 190,000. Next hand I get pocket tens. I have to go allin with this, no question about it. I send the chips in the middle. I get a caller with a2 diamonds. I stay alive and get back up to 440,000. Now the guy to the left of me is low-stack. Later he hits a hand and doubles up. I am the low-stack again with 200,000 and blinds are 30/60 k. I get 8s and ship again, The guy who beat me with a7 calls and has KJ this time. flop is kQ and a brick. I am getting nervous now and then my 8 hits on the turn. Phewf! I seal the hand to get back up to 450,000. Not too long later the big stack and short-stack go at it. Short stack has aj and big stack has j8. flop is 9 10 and 2. I am loving that flop. I am wishing for a  queen or a 7 for him to finish his straight off. What do you know a queen hits on the river. Ticket earned!

This was a very fun tournament and I grinded it hard. Feels good to get there. The question is : Do I play the Sunday Million or do I unregister and play the smaller tournaments and Micro Millions?

Input would be appreciated!