Well I entered my first ever PSO Series of Poker and Won my first tournament ever! 


Hit a couple hands early in No limit to gain twice the chips of the player before me. Had QQ and beat this guys AK clubs preflop allin and all low cards and no flush so I was in the clear. WIth 3 ppl left though it was OMAHA time and I had aces and q4 of hearts....Lion King was in the hand as well, and he was betting with all kinds of hands so I didn't know what to put him on.Flop was ok as there was some random cards and I had two hearts with my two to make 4. The turn came with a heart....with alot of chips in the pot I had to call his allin ship....when he flipped his cards he had the ace high flush...wow what a bad outcome. SO he was up 3-1 in chips. The other guy was quickly out and it was me and him heads up. Still about 3-1 chips. Then it turned to 2-7 lowball and I crushed him....I out-lowed him multiple times and knew it wasn't his strong point. So I tried to bet as quickly as I could to get the most hands in. Soon I was up 3-1 in chips . We went into OMAHA H/L this time and I play that fairly often but in NL, so it made the decisions a bit easier. I got him down to 100,000 chips picked my spots.......WOOHOO!