Hi All,

Well it has almost been a year to the day that I last posted here. As you may know I was doing a 2month 2K challenge but on the 5th of March my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby girl - Mila. We actually didnt even make it to the hospital and I delivered her in the front seat of the car, in the garage! yeah we didnt get far at all!! haha she was healthy and the paramedics arrived about 5 minutes later so it was all good! Anyway that took alot of focus off my poker and any poker I played was not according to my rules set out in the challenge so it pretty well went out the window.

So...what now...Given I now have 2 children, running my own business as well as working a second job I am still very time poor. I often just play a few sit and gos and seem to have had some success so Im thinking I might just start small and see how it goes.

I know in the past I have encouraged good BRM but have often played a little larger then what mine allows, I will also be doing that this time given its just for a bit of fun.

I will start with $100 and start playing $3.50 single table sit and gos. Thats less then 30 buyin's I know but should give me some idea of if im profitable in these games. I will also try to attach some screen shots of my $ graph and how my bankroll is going.

So stay tuned, hopefully I can see this one out without another life changing event interrupting haha

See you at the tables