Hi All,

With week 1 complete we have had a mixed bag, mostly good I guess but my online isnt looking great so far.

I decided to kick off the challenge with a live session at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. I went in with $220 and only put $120 down on the table, this is what I have always done and it has worked well for me more often than not, that night was interesting though... The table had 5 people with at least $500 in front of them (Keep in mind max buyin is $200 or $250 for $1/$3), of these 5 there were 3 making it very difficult to see a cheap flop. Being so short in comparison was very difficult and after the first couple of orbits I had bled about $40 in chips as every hand was at least $12 pre flop. I considered moving tables but guessed I would probably just be placed at the same table again and the wait list was also getting very large.

The vital hand of the night came not long after deciding just to play it out on that table. I had  on the button, there  were 2 early callers of the BB then one of the loose aggressive players raised to $12 as usual, I was 2 seats to his right, I called along with SB and the 2 early callers. The flop came:

Not a bad flop for me at all, it checks around to the initial raiser who makes it $30, given there is about $60 in the middle a half size pot bet here is pretty standard I think. I never fold here, If I was way deeper I think calling is an option but still not ideal, I can only shove here and hope my outs are enough to get the job done. I shove my remaining $70 into the middle, SB calls and it fold around to the initial raiser who also calls. The Turn:

 which they check and the River:  which they also check.

I dont hit the outs I want but I am desperately hoping the Ace is enough. The initial raise shows  for a flopped 2 pair but lucky for me the paired 6 and river ace give me a higher 2 pair, the SB mucks. I take down the pot and am very happy with the outcome given they wernt the cards I realy wanted. After a few more orbits I leave the table with $300 even for a net profit of $180. I would have played for longer but I did have time commitments and due to struggling a bit to get used to the loose aggressive style of the table I though it was time to go.

I have played most nights online trying to avoid distractions but with a family its always hard, I started with some ok results after playing a couple on Fulltilt but unfortunately havnt had any results to brag about. I started with some $2.50 180 MTT but am now dropping down to around the $1 mark as at $2.50 with high varience it does go quick. Below is the screen shot of my holdem manager which I recently purchased to help track my progress (not the reason I bought it obviously but helps make it easy)

I will update in another week or so and hopefully have some decent outcomes.

Ty has played a couple of online sessions so far but not live yet.

BANKROLL (Jamiefunds)

Online $215  (-$35)

Live $1180 (+$180)


Online $304 (+$54)

Live $1000 ( +$0)


Progress to $2000 in 2 months

total  +199   after 1 week