Hello again!

It has been a couple of months since my last Bankroll building post and after a busy Xmas and NY period Im back! I mentioned last post that I will start the bankroll building again after I had to withdraw the funds at the end of last year. This will be an interesting one! 

Challenge: Make $2000 in 2 months!

I watched the '2 months 2 Million' series where 4 Online players grind it up for 2 months to try and make $2 million profit, I wont ruin it for those who havn't seen it but I now want to do the same...on a smaller scale of course. Myself and Ty (TSaunders10) will both start with the same starting stack to try and turn a decent profit in 2 Months! Here are the details:

Starting stack: $1250 

$250 has been allocated to online play where we will be grinding MTTs/SNGs and $1000 has been allocated to live cash games. These cash games will played at Crown Casino in Melbourne grinding $1/$2 and $1/$3 tables.

Ty and I both work fulltime so we have come to the agreement that we will aim to play live cash once a week and online at least 2 times a week. Given My wife is due to give birth to our second bub in March I may struggle to meet some of these quota's but we will try to stay on track where possible. I will openly admit Ty is a much better player than me so I am relying on him for most the results but Iv been running pretty good lately too so will see who contributes more

Online we will play to a bankroll management plan but live we will not be playing bankrolled for the limits we will be playing at but we think given the soft opponents we should be able to manage. 

I know I said it months ago that I will be buying Holdem manager and this week I will be biting the bullet. We aim to start the challenge in about a week so stay tuned and I will update on here as often as I get a chance.

See you on the tables.