Hello again,

A couple of downers this last couple of weeks, My Grandma Died last weekend and unfortunately I had to withdraw the majority of my Bankroll to help out flying my brother down from Darwin to attend the funeral. Unfortunatley the Building will have to be put on hold until into the new year some time when I can find some more money.

Also My Holdem Manager has dicided to stop working, I am trying to sort that out but I think its an issue with the hand DB so unfortunately no pretty graphs this time. I have dropped probably $7 on cash after a couple of horrible sessions, havnt realy tracked tourneys since withdrawing cos im just playing whatever is on the go.

Sorry to all who were tracking the progress of this building exercise! I have definately learned a few things and will definately be starting again hopefully in January. To all have a great Christmas and NY! GL at the tables!