Hi All,

The Bankroll building is going well. I have mostly been playing in the 45man sit & Goes ($1.50) and cash .1/.2 which is somewhat painful but still good fun. 

I managed to build by roll to $219 at one point (+$19) but has fallen in the last few days to around $212 but still getting my head around playing these stakes and what moves work with these type of players. 

I did totally forget that MicroMillions starts this week so I will be putting this Bankroll building on hold (keeping this money seperate) and playing some of these events but will continue again in about 2 weeks.

Bankroll - $212   (+$12)

PS. Also an update on how I went at the Casino on the weekend, Played in a $150 NLHE event but busted in about 60th of 120 after getting pretty short stacked running my 2 pair into a higher 2 pair. I then shoved my remaining 7BB in late position with AJ but of course SB woke up with KK and BB had AA so i was drawing super thin and pretty well dead after the flop.

I played some cash with the last $100 I had alocated ($1/$3) and lasted all of 15 minutes I think. I raised to $15 in mid position with KK after a couple of limpers. All fold except UTG who calls. Flop comes Ax 9x 3x. UTG player raises $30 which seems odd given hes initial limp preflop so I guess I can see a weak ace in his range but rule it out as he has been pretty agressive. I make a decision to shove all in and he snap calls with 9 2....???? realy. Its good news for me until the 2 falls on the turn and river is a 5 and no help as my KK is beat by 2 pair. I still dont understand how he calls there but I guess I realy want him calling there long term but unfortunately it wasnt the result it should have been.

My Mate Ty who was ment to play the $150 event with me was running late and played a later satalite for $125 where 1 in 5 get a ticket to the $550 event that night. he won a ticket and then came 8th in the event min cashing which I thought was a great result.

The next day He also played in a Melbourne Cup Sweeps event for $340 where they play until 23 players are left and total the stacks and let the biggest stack pick a horse in the race and then second will pick another and so on. The people that have picked the horses that finish in the top 3 of the melbourne cup then receive a main event ticket for the Aussie Millions (10k). He was 4th to pick a horse and somehow picked the horse that won the cup so he got a main event ticket which is great and look forward to railing him in that come January.

Thanks for reading, will post again in a couple weeks or sooner if I have some decent results in the Micros.