Hi everyone I dont know if you heard about this but it is alot worse than the reports when i do a google search. Here is what happened;

On Jan 27 2011 I got my taxes back and finaly had some extra money to play some cards for the first time in a while. At this time I had never played Poker Stars. I deposit 20 bucks into my Full Tilt Account and start playing. I made one more deposit for 20 Bucks a week later. The deposits never cleard my Bank account. I got the money but it did not come out of my account, so i googled it and it seemed that others had the same problemb, and they had problembs getting money out of there FTP accounts as well.

So i download and start playing Poker Stars and find it MUCH better andyways and i never looked back. I did however contact FTP and three days later i recieved a email that said that they have no control over there third party processor and that i would be given ample warning before the withdraw was made. Well I made some extra cash the other day and i wanted to use some of it to play, so i made a 19 dollar deposit, and then a 10 dollar deposit when i realised i could use the other 10 and i didnt need it. Alright! i got a lil cash time to hit the MTT's because that is my thing.

Well two days later i went to deposit some money into my bank account and guess what after my deposit of 10 bucks my bank account should be bigger, but it isnt IT IS NEGATIVE $ 59.00!!!
So i go to my banks website and view transactions to see what could be wrong and there it was FULLTILTPAYMENT three months after i had made it and without warning. And then my PokerStars deposits cleared and overdrafted me 35 dollars twice!

So i go to my email and there is an email i had recieved i guess automated at 12:01 A.M. that said that due to a third party issue the deposit was never cleard on jan 27 2010 but that i did recieve the money so the "third party" will now be withdrawing my account somewhere between now and three days please have the money available.

So i email Full Tilt outraged but trying not to be a total jack ass because i hoped to settle it in a civilized fashion and because i knew i was completely powerless against them cus they would have there but covered anyway and the money was just enough to hurt my broke self but not enough to go to court.lol

I got a unrelated automatic response that completely disregaurded my whole email and just said third party blah blah blah. And so here i am still in debt now -$89 in my bank with another $35 dollar overdraft fee comeing if i dont pay my $-39 poker stars account because every 5 days i will get another untill it is paid up.

Playeres of Poker Stars members f PSO. If you can help a person in need please help this one. I will pay you back evey dime i just nee the over drafts to stop so i can acually have money to do something. With my account negative i cant pay my PSP account up beacuse i dont have $89.00 Right now at theis moment i do have 20 and i can mail that asap. But if my 39 dollar debt isnt paid i will be faceing 35 dollar overdrafts every five days.

I emailed Poker Stars and explained my situation and they told me that player transfers will count. So if you can help me please do, Poker is my Favorite thing to do and i dont want to loose my privilage jst because Full Tilt cant treat there customers right. All i needed was enought time to see the email to know it was coming and i would have taken 20 bucks to the bank and none of this would have happend.

I have all the emails and eveything as proof please help. I will pay back every dime On my word, Thanks you Jameswt7 (James Thacker)

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