first of all great idea about making the mailbag video, very interesting and fun.

People can ask question that are going to be answered thoroughly apart from asking question during a live training session in which the trainer needs to focus on the game and most of the time will answer your question in a short manner.

The session is long  and even though only couple of very good questions are answered you can learn allot from it. What i would like is that there are more of these sessions so more question can be covered and that more trainers used this method.

The answers are also covered by replays of some hands to make the answer more clear. What i like as well is the experience that the trainer passes to viewers and its is fun listening them.At the end of the video you may ask any open questions u like that can be answered immediately.

So this is my thought about how i see this video and  i hope you will watch it as well and enjoy every moment of it

Have fun and good luck @ the tables.



The MAilbag