Well, in the last few weeks, since I came back to PS, I have joined a great league, won a little money, made a lot of friends and have played some very interesting people. I've shared a table with Sponge Bob, Quagmire, John Wayne, no...two John Waynes and just last week, Jesus!  NOT Chris Ferguson Jesus, but the real Jesus.  (I do not remember the name of that player, but I hope we play again!) Of course I'm talking about player profile icons and they really do make the game even more fun for me. But when I signed on this morning and started playing, a message popped up saying SANTA CLAUSE is coming to PS!  I didn't get the whole jist of it, but I guess he'll be roaming around playing tables and if you're lucky enough to play at one of his tables, there's some kind of Christmas magic that happens....(better be magic  money). Well, having been out of Christmas spirit for a few years, this may have sparked a little something in me. Like a little kid again. And what a way to top off playing Jesus....SANTA! 

Happy Holidays to my Poker Stars family, especially my fellow leaguers.