Video that I have chosen is a heads-up, because I love to play. On pokerscool online I learned a lot of things. The most important thing I learned is that you have to be smart and aggressive, the only way you'll get the win. I also learned how to play pre-flop and post-flop. When you can bluff, raise or fold. This video is very informative, and a lot can learn how to recognize how your opponents play. For several years I play heads-up, but I also like to play tournaments, Omaha, Razz, and I like to play Badugi. I participated in a heads-up tournament, it was my greatest desire, but I did not have enough luck. Heads-up reminds you of a lottery win or lose there is no third. I installed pokerstars on the phone and I play all day.

My greatest desire is to play live poker with great professionals. To feel the real adrenaline and excitement on the table. I'm from Macedonia, a small country but we have a lot of poker players, the desire to play and learn new things about poker. And we will fight all the way to victory in some big tournaments offered by pokerschool. On the tables I meet different people, share opinions and that's one of the many reasons I like to play on PokerStars.

This video is perfect, because it shows how to play heads-up, especially for beginners. That is why I recommend people to watch it because a lot can be learned and seen. There are plenty of books on how to play heads-up, but in my opinion it is best to look as they do, to show a video on the pokerschool online. However it is best to see and learn from the professionals. I also like to play heads-up on the table because they are one on one. And because it does not last long, beat an opponent in a short time. Some people say that poker is gambling, but I perceive as a psychological game of poker, because it is not only luck but also in terms of thinking, ways of playing, methods of identification card, the player, to figure players. When I play heads-up, there is always a heavy dose of adrenaline and excitement. Does he / she have a pair of tickets? Is he / she Bluf? And it's interesting, you have an even greater desire to play and to win or lose.

Recommended to anyone who did not play heads up, to see a video that offers pokerschool online and learn, because it is so good to play heads up. I am very grateful for all pokerschool online for videos, strategies, posts, because I learned a lot, and I have a greater desire to play.

I wish everyone good luck, because we need it and as well as knowledge. See you at the tournaments offered by pokerschool online. Together with pokerschool we are stronger and invincible.