Playin tight in my opinion is the easiest way to gather points in the PSO, however there comes a point in the tourney that you will be faced with difficult decisions. It is what you do with these decisions at that moment that can define if you are going to gain positive points or negative ones. You have to remember that it is a month long tourney but at the same point it is still a day by day one as well.

Many times you will find yourself up against a lesser skilled player who only knows how to move all in, a lot of people call these players names and what not, but remember this is a skill building league and that many of your opponents are just starting out and will still be figuring out how to play the game and they still may not realize that betting is part of the game.

I have encountered many early tourney hands where I have PP (pocket Pair) like QQ to start and I raise preflop another player moves all in, this is a key situation that while I have a highly dominant hand there are many hands that can have many outs to beat me and I have to ask myself early in the tourney is this a good spot to call?

Feel free to post what your thoughts are on this matter: