I am fed up with the amount of bingo players there are in the league i have been busted out to many times early on by going in with the best hand and people win with rubbish hands it's annoying anyone else feel like that ?


The 22$ main event last night

Well what can i say it felt good,  I did enjoy the tourney however i seem to get lost in the blinds i finshed 11000 odd not in the money but i left it too late  waiting for my monster hand that never came i was  dissapointed that i never made the cash but lesson learned for next big main event. note to myself doesnt matter what cards u got to  push before u get blinded out hard lesson to learn but getting there.

Poker school

I find the poker school lessons really helpful i hope its improving my game but only time will tell and my bank roll is slowly increasing but pennies not pounds yet