Well it's taken some time,(3 weeks). To put into practice that of wich I learned. Learning to play and read people on the tele was one thing, Now it's become a challenge to try and tweak into the computer world what I have learned. in the last week I have placed 3 times in the money wich is showing me that I am beginning to figure out hesitations,when people chat,thier anger after a hand loss (ETC).and I figurre that is it only a matter oof time before I win the months points(MAY,JUNE FOR SURE). As people play me they are beginning to hate me,I dont like it , but I look at it as jeleousy as I am not afraid to take a chance and challenge all in with donkey cards. The good news is on most ocassions (because it is computerized) I win more often than not. I once thought that pokerstars was rigged but now I am figuring out the cards on computer are much different than the cards on tele, and I am beginning to win more often than not. All I can say is look out for me in the future as I am putting to play the way of the professionals.