Hi to all PSO members,
I must say a big thank you to all the active members/trainers/mods who spend quite a bit of their time posting & reflecting their expereince of this great game we call hold em. You're input is greatly appricated.
As a fairly inactive member ( 1post 1 comment) and average player ( 10-25ish FR a month open league 7-8 month member) but a big reader in the last 2-3 months of members blogs and posts, I must say I'm hooked!!!
I've decided I'd like to get MORE involued with the community in PSO but i really dont have much to input wise besides the acutal time of playing. Netherless i will try and get my head around posting & blogging "life of poker" and would appricate any feedback/comments.
 I"m interested in Cowboys SnG challgenges, I know the structure of them and will give them a go soon:mrgreen: . I no there's certain home games around 2 in the PSO and while I like a good game, a fun game is just as important, so Im shouting out I'm open to any invities..  stats here are easy to find good 1st basis to decide on and we can go from there. ps this is not a staking site and my spelling suxs lol