" Spacegravy"  teaches how to play on the bubble.  Since I ve had a lot of times on the bubble and it ended badly to me   He says that there always has to be aggressive, beacuse most players are too tight on the bubble. I will give some examples of video: If u have a pair of sevens on the small blind and you have a small stack...  a player who is in positsion under  the gun and he does minium bet, it is your best decision go all in pair of sevens ! the  Next  position where youu are is under the gun ( for this positsion PUSH OR FOLD)  Then u have A6 offsuited, when the button player is about the same stack as yours, then u go all in...but if he had a stack less than you, then there is a risk he goes all in . Next positsion where you are is the button and you have a AJ offsuited and you have small stack , then best decision go all in on this position.  Next hand a A5 suited on the big blind. Position  Underthegun limper, then u must go allin. Position underthegun good player usually not limp. This video helped me a lot. All were good examples of how to improve the position and what position not to raise.


sorry my english!