I may have underestimated my readership… it seems another lost poker soul has joined you steadfast and lonely reader. So to both of you I say, “It’s time for a change!”.

I have been Bloggin’ in the PSO (hmm maybe a song there lol) for awhile, and at least one of you knows that this blog is about the obscure and abandoned poker trash talk/art… called needling. Get the point?
Well, lately I have played with some great league players as well as others and I am having too much fun to continue needling you guys…NOT! So, I have invented a character to blog about and HE will be the needler. Introducing…. Dr. Oops T. Needleman. He got the nickname Oops in Surgery as he is a retired doctor who loves to play online poker and get under people's skin. Turns out he was a dermatologist. (T stands for The, not Tiberius).
The Point … The Continuing Adventures of Needle Man.
So, today Oops decides he is going to play the last Skill (haha) Tourney of July 2011. What a month! He is battered and deep-fried but somehow he managed to get enough skill points to make it into the Premier’s League. Oops actually expects to be meeting Heads of State next month on the poker site he frequents, which shall remain nameless for security purposes. Lol
The tourney goes pretty much as expected… FOLD FOLD FOLD FOLD etc. Soon enough of the field has donked out that he is close to making positive points. When, all in the twinkling of an eye a target presents itself for his ever-sharp needle in the shape of a chatty player claiming to be Bin Laden’s nephew who doesn’t believe he’s dead AND who has had a sex change… I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!  ASK PLAWS IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!
“Oh my!” says Oops (or something close haha) . Then he falls out of his chair, pedals up in his armored tricycle and lets fly a never miss needle… "Eeeewwwww! Yucko!". Which completely misses. “Anyone want to see me dance on internet TV?” asks the he/she (her terms not mine). Her poker avatar is a dark haired woman with a 5 o’clock shadow. THIS REALLY HAPPENED!
Ooops gathers all his strength and his few remaining chips then after voicing a mighty challenge “Lets get down to business. I don’t got no time to fool around. What is this?”! He goes AAAALLLLIIINNN! with JJ.

The Needle Man is so nonplussed by this freak that he is the one who loses his cool! (again..haha). Gets beat and loses 2 points (ouchie). So now all that is left for our hero to do is to go soak his head and prepare for August and the Premier League. Maybe it will get a bit wierder. lmfao.

A tip of the needle to PLaws for watching this circus and still keeping his cool. We will see him in the PL too.
And, until next time…. I didn’t mean that kind of change!