Believe it or not… The first month of the new Poker Skill League has been EDUCATIONAL!

Please read on faithful blog buddy, because after all my railing about the massive influx of new free roll players and an unfortunate set of suggestions on the forum made by yours truly, it has turned out to be a positive experience. By the way I had just taken the painkillers for my injury when I went to the forum and was feeling pretty good (; D.  And another aside is that as critical as I have been about PSO and the new league I have been equally positive in my previous blogs. I didn’t know it was Superman’s cape … honest!

 You may well be asking, “What could anyone possibly learn from this All-in Rampage?” Well it was something so obvious that I really missed it.  My edification started when I was playing my usual afternoon Skill (haha) League Tourney and I suddenly realized I was at a TIGHT table. Oh yes, doubtful one, the tourney had been going for 10 minutes and about half the players were gone, but NONE from my table. Further more there had not been a single AAAALLLLIIINNNN!!! I felt like a fish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico that suddenly found itself in clean water. It was comforting to play at a table with calm and rational, decision-making people.

Here’s the point…. a slow motion train wreck in the brain… the way time seems to contract as you watch the cards peel off to beat your KKK post flop all-in with a backdoor flush when you get called by 5,2o…. I realized   MOST OF THESE NEW PARTICIPANTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY!

I mean they know the rules and what beats what but they are not knowledgeable about the game. So here we are using odds, pot odds, profiling, thinking, studying, position playing, bluffing huffing and puffing etc., and every bad beat is multiplied by thoughts of, “How could that donk make that STOOPID call? How could I lose that hand?” Most likely it was an innocent play by an allinsky cowboy or a new player or a drunk. These people really can’t play. And that knowledge can set one FREE dear reader!

Free to play tight and patient. Free to not get tilted by seeming impossible suckouts. Free to WIN on the leaderboard. And judging by the number of PSO and Intelli poker names at the top many realized this long before my rusty wits came to the party. So a tip of the needle to all who are going to make the Premier League. GG all!

And until next time…. for you guys at the top in this last week of July, a quote from a song by Canadian singer Jeanno Monet.  “When you get elevated, they either love or hate it… Let me see you walk the tightrope.”