Hello loyal and lonely reader... did you miss me?
I injured my shoulder and could not type well enough to blog last week. Good news though...I have a needle for you all to use on those pesky Allinskies who have invaded the league thanks to the new idiotic PS  policy of letting EVERYONE play the league games without even taking a course or getting a ticket. But you have to read on...

Some braniac at PS must have stayed up all nite trying to figure out how to screw up the league AND suck more money out of players who genuinely want to improve their game.  Five sloppy razzberries to you Mr.Scrooge...you should work for the tax dept. You would probably tax the pennies in a wishing well.

Now there are over 100,000 players most of whom are in it for the couple of bucks the maniac who wins gets and don't even know that it's a league. I have chatted with several and they have no idea what the school is or even that it IS a league format. They have never even been to the PSO site!

I would wager that all the players who are serious about their game have had plenty of experience at freerolls and know there is nothing to be learned about POKER at these allin fests. If you want to learn about BINGO then by all means play these donk parties. Any chance of actually winning one of these games is minute no matter how good your game is. The lucksack LAGs who pile up the most chips in the first ten minutes it takes to eliminate half the field have the best shot at it. One can only hope to last untill there are only a third of the players left before venturing into a hand, even with AA !

There is the forlorn hope to make the premier league for the top1500 players and get away from this swamp. However this depends on your ability to watch the eternal seconds tick by on the digital clock on your computer while you hope to preserve enough chips to at least get SOME positive points just to stay in the running. AND when you finally do stck your neck out against these bigstack LAG bullies and get it chopped off, you face the ardous task of having to play EVEN MORE of these 4 hourly debacles to recover the negative points you were rewarded with just for being in the top 1500. Meanwhile the rest of your life goes to pieces. Job loss, divorce, carpal tunnel syndrome and yes, even climate change can all be laid at the feet of this new PS plot.

At the risk of being called a whiner etc. by our forum junkies I say THIS SUCKS and it will have the effect of ruining the PSO as a SKILL league since so few will be willing or able to struggle out of the primordial all-in muck to the blessed light of the Premier League. I won't even open the subject of the EXTRA time and risk required to amass 150 VPPs.

Now to the needle I use in these games... I use all caps and call out as often as I can (which is pretty often considering the number of hands I have to fold)  " FREEROLL WARRIORS UNITE!! ALLINNNNNNN!!!!" or else "ALLLLIIINN WITH NOTHING MY BROTHERS!! WE WILL BE WICTORIOUS!! or simply AAAALLLLLIIIINNNNN!!!!. The variations are endless and it DOES annoy the LAGS. I get comebacks like  "Why u no play j2?" or " I am having good hant Q,2 suited?" and the ever popular " Shut up!!" which you already know the comeback to if you are a regular reader. I just keep hammering as it gives me something to do and when I get a reply I really go to town on the LAGtard.

So until next time....Who needs a life when there are Donkfests to be played six times a day?