AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!   I will actually blog about my play this week and The New League...... just because it has been a wild ride!

First, the actual tourneys are starting to max out at 10,000 players and as expected it is an All-in Fest for the first 20 mins. The Russians and Spanish don't follow the English Only rule and collusion is rampant. Big Surprise! But, once I got over these hurdles, the same patient play and good hand selection seems to work as evidenced by the number of PSO players in the top 1000. The same players are rising to the top. GG to all of them.

Now lonely and faithful reader, (I had two but one was lost at sea) ...Welcome to my MELTDOWN. In trying to get to the 150 VPPs I moved up in cash stakes instead of playing more cash tourneys. BIG MISTAKE!  I managed to lose over 25% of my bankroll for 13 lousy VPPs.

I TRIED to blame the site for their stupid new rules and for forcing me to flame out at higher stakes...... it is all part of their evil strategy to part me from my money.

I TRIED to blame the dumb players who even at higher levels are still just a bunch of donks.

I TRIED to blame the cards and the system bias!

I TRIED to blame Climate change and Global warming for screwing up the environment and making it hard for me to concentrate on the real issue of my poker games.

I SOAKED my head until it shrank! I questioned the laws of physics and man!  All to no avail.


The one small thing in my favour is that even though I let out a few blood curdling screams in the privacy of my den (woke up some neighbors lol).  I DID NOT SPEW on the chat line and I give myself two Attaboys for that. So at least it wasn't a COMPLETE meltdown ...heeheehee.

And a tip of the needle this week to a DOGG named Barry who has been through it all and has the courage for self inspection and the determination to climb up the leaderboard every month. Well done my poker pal!

So until next time ...I'm needing new needles... got any good ones? (; D