I am overwhelmed by the new readership to my humble blog and would like to tell both of you to remember… “Viewer Discretion Is Denied”

Just to set the record as straight as possible. (It can never be straight only forward..)

I cannot and will not  (not that kind of will not lol) take the moral high road about players spewing on the chat line.  When I first played online as I said I suffered. But I must add to that the fact that the frustration and ego crushing would cause me to be as bad as any. However, I NEVER got my chat suspended and DID NOT go racial on my rants. I also don’t think I insulted anyone’s mother because my own mom was dying at that time.

 Still, some of my chat would make me feel so bad that the next day, that I would swear off chatting or not play for 3 days etc. Then when I thought I had it together, some major bad beat would set me off again, with the same results. It got so I didn’t really enjoy the game anymore and quit several (smaller) sites out of remorse.

 THEN…. I started on Pokerstars… and I was just as awful… briefly. However on this site somehow I felt that in spite of the obvious crookedness of it all and the dumb players who knew butkus.   IN SPITE of my lack of skill and my rudeness… I was a player! And in trying to figure it all out I could still play! I still got beat and re-beat until in desperation and as an alternative to taking a job as a W-mart greeter I tried PSO. I know I sound like a paid shill but I assure you both… even though I can be bought… they have made no offers.

 So there … it is said. I was a RANTER and still can lose it within reason.  I have sympathy and understanding for all you other ranters except for Racism and Mothers. But, I am getting better at manners and the game and know you can too,.

I think that if a site has a lot of bad chat it affects the entire cyberspace. If it has a group of people respecting each other, then it stands to reason it will be a better space.

This week I pay tribute to the Thinker who turned aside my needles with a great sense of humor and has a good ranking.

 Finally, until next time…  This Space For Rant !