Another week in the PSO and I'll bet you are laid back and enjoying the games. Poker. Hockey. Rioting. Looting. Burning cars. Then back to Poker.

I live in the Vancouver area and feel sad for my city and country after the exhibition of hooliganism that the world saw when our team lost the Stanley Cup. The punks and drunks never get it! Until they are caught and made to pay!

Which brings me to my topic this week... Even though I had considerable live experience, playing online was a very difficult adjustment. The uncountable bad beats and suck outs on the river seemed far more frequent and the odds seemed topsy turvy. My ego was battered and I thought all the things you think when you go in with the best and lose again and again.

Three things happened that have changed all that. First, I discovered that I like to chat while I play, and second, I joined the PSO. This effort to learn more about online poker has also improved my live game! I also started this blog. Not about how good or poorly I am doing, but about a fun thing called needling that you can do in the chat line.

Could it be that a poker site is also a social networking site? I have chatted with a guy in Yemen while his power was going in and out and he could hear tanks firing downtown. I have chatted with a UN representative in Bosnia. I have been amused by amorous chat and friendly chat and players talking poker, sports and world affairs. It's great!

Well, it comes as no suprise that the punks and drunks are all over the chat line spouting their hate and ignorance too. But then it only takes a little poke of the needle to set these players off and to profit from it chipwise and emotionally when they blow their cool.

So here is a needle in the butt to one player called Yinpalm who thinks he is cool by scrambling his obscenities so the censor program doesn't pick it up. This guy has the vocabulary of a guttersnake and chatted himself right out of play when the table got on his case. Just lost it and then hung around piling on insults as an observer.

Here in Vancouver we are using the social networking sites to expose and catch the rioters. Its not a bad idea.

Finally, until next time.... I don't mind the needle, I just don't like the prick.  (; D