Qwanker Sore..

Just gotta blog about this player (not quite his real name). Does it all...  The greatest poker player EVER!  Plays for millions of $$ in REAL casino games and does nothing but win, win, win! YELLS in the chat line about how if we only knew how great he really is! Throws out $1000 H2H challenges then doesn't follow up. Swears a lot too.

I have only one question..... What is the world's best poker player doing playing at the PSO? He has nothing to learn and apparently needs no money. Why is this giant of a card shark victimizing the poor humble players here?

There can be only one answer... He NEEDS the ego stroking joy of beating lesser players, who are here trying to improve their game. He likes to YELL that we are all jealous of his great skill and undeniable talent. He is unloved, unwashed, and unwanted in his REAL life. You might say he is a real Qualering mess.

There are an unfortunate few like this and you will meet them at the tables now and again. Their stake is all ego and to lose is their constant fate. Strangely, this is the REAL reason they play. So they are a perfect pincushion for....... dum da dum dumb....The Needle.  (; D

Still no good new needles from my huge readership. About 15 at last count lol. But I have to give a tip of the needle to MrJCurry who showed real class and was very effective at turning aside some needles at one game last week. He also has an impressive rank. I think part of his talent lies in not being vulnerable to needling, as we all must become. Well done sir!

So until next time... poke 'em, don't stroke 'em!