A word about "Euro Lagtards" ... (1)

"An overly aggressive poker player from Europe." (2)

Hard to play?  "Sometimes yes, sometimes no. A lot of euro lagtards can win at very high rates against the right opponents. The reason is that over-aggression in poker can actually be a winning strategy in the long-run against the right mix of players (ie, players who fold too much). However, against top players who can recognize things like bluffing frequencies and betting patterns, euro lagtards will eventually go busto. However, that does not mean that euro lagtards are easy to play against - in fact, they can be among the most difficult opponents in certain cases." (3)

In my opinion, these are aggressive players and as such are susceptible to a good stitching job... depending on their english speaking skills. I am in no way putting down European players. I have made some (online) friends and as a group I find them intelligent with a good sense of humour and darn good players. I also do not include UK players in this category as I have run into very few lagtards (there's always a couple) from there.

Does this mean that we at the PSO are passive fish?? hmmmm.

Got to use the "chainsaw/vibrator" needle this week and when I was told to shut up....I used the " Or what?" needle and then doubled up through this player when he called my KK with  6,3 offsuit.

So... Keep on pokin' poker players and see what happens..... rofl.  Also try to use humour not insults as it helps to keep others from hating you (as much).

(1) (2) (3) A poke of the needle to Poker Terms the internet's largest poker dictionary for explaining this phenomenon to me and where I got the quotes from...lol