Q: What do the following have in common?

1.@#%$! river   2. WTF   3. fish    4. XXXXXX, you suck   5.donk or donkey or heehaw

A: You see them all the time in the chat field. You don't need me to tell you that these are primitive forms of needling. Short, easy to type, and they occasinally work on some players.  Surely any reasonably intelligent poker addict can do better...???

My point (get it)... this week is why needle at all? And the answer lies in your bankroll

...i.e to add to your EV (incoming chips) from certain players who can be needled.

And.. How do you ID these players?

Firstly, you are not one of them because you read my blog (shameless self promotion). But the 3 P's will always be there (see First Past the post #2) or I'll just tell you the 3P's are Poker, Personalities and Payoff. *

There are endless examples of personality types in poker books and online and running around the street with their hair on fire. So my suggestion to you is to simply adopt a set of these and arrange them by agression. About 6 or seven types should do with agressive and sensitive as bookends. As a rule of thumb, the more agressive are more likely to get tilty and the sensitive may actually play worse if you hurt their feelings.

And finally before I go and lose another 50 places on the leader board... a subtle needle that I have had used on me twice this week. Sometimes a player ie me, says nh to the winner when he is not in the hand which is a bit of a needle to the loser and often cosidered poor etiquette on a live table unless it is a rare hand or brilliant call. But it's the LOSER who types ... "yw". Not a really good one but I thought about it and he was expressing his disappointment and reminding me who really gave something besides fresh air. It was worthy of note and if you look carefully there are 7 needles in todays blog.  But I'm sure you guys have better ones ????

So until next time....Needling NEVER works on a player who shuts off his chat !

*you could still wade through the bad verse to see if I'm being straight.