What a weak week. Lots of play but not many good needles. For those who haven't read my previous blogs, this blog is about the pointy end of poker chat called "needling". ( see previous blogs called First Past The Post..if you can handle the bad verse lol)

First, l have been reading a lot of stuff in the forums about vile ranting and rude chat. I was tempted to quit this blog as I was worried it might be seen as encouraging this ugly behavior. On further consideration I thought that some of the comments seemed a little weak and perhaps these people should thicken their skin. But a lot of it IS valid and I hope to help discourage the bad mouthing and offer another, more satisfying way to express the frustration that will always be a part of this great game. Poker is like baseball in that there are long periods of boring inaction followed by a half a minute of pulse pounding action which leaves one victor and one loser.

If you can get to another player without insulting their mother or being a profane idiot or racist goof then there is some small satisfaction to be had and it can lead to chips coming your way. So for all those knuckle dragging throwbacks... brain up and try a better way!

Poker, especially Texas Holdem, evolved in a time and place where almost every player was armed! Crooked games and cheaters were the rule not the exception. Remember Wild Bill Hickok's early demise. Pistols, derringers, Bowie knives, brass knuckles and razors. A poker table was a VERY dangerous place. Therefore there was a definite need for etiquette ( good manners for the throwbacks) or you could get shot, stabbed etc. The development of internet poker has changed that.. it is hard to whack a guy over the web and threats only make a bully look stupid.

Which leads me to a natural needle which I have used and works well on those types...

If you like to chat and some other player says something like "Shut up and play!" usually followed by some name calling. I just say " Or what??"...drives em mad! lmao

Another one is similar and works on those action junkies who crave fast play and go "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz" I like to respond with "did someone leave their chainsaw running??? You can substitute vibrator for chainsaw in certain cases or any other device of your choosing..heeheehee.

I am always interested to hear your comments and any good needles you use or see in your games. I will put the best in my blog so we can all enjoy them. So until next post ... remember ..just like sword fighting...the pointy end goes first!