Ok I'm dropping the rhyme because I'm not so good at it. This blog is about creative needlework...lol. No, not the kind to mend your jeans with but a part of the game of poker. That is the art of verbally (or chatterlly ?) putting an opponent off his game.

I would like to make a clear distinction here between a well timed, sometimes humourous, often annoying jibe and the low minded, racist, profane, mean and ugly rants we see all too often. (Thanks to the moderators for keeping that down.) The only race a racist will win is the race to extinction!

That being said, it is my purpose to talk about needling and to give you some examples that are in common use.  I welcome any good exmples you have used or seen in the poker room and will publish the best of them for us all to enjoy.

Rule #1 is...KEEP YOUR COOL! If you are aware that needling is just another part of the game, live or online, it will help you to recognize when you are being needled and not rise to it. That is the only rule by the way and I know it is not always possible. Boy do I know it! hahaha. I have lost it on occasion and when someone does get to me my game can fall apart.

Timing is a big part of needling. Online it is not always possible to snap out a quick jibe due to the fact that typing takes time and it can distract you from the action. Plus with the allin no chat rule and your turn coming around it takes a bit of skill to get one in. So they are usually not too long. Also if it is too late the intended recipient may not recognize it or someone else may take offence.

You know it is a pretty good one if others laugh too.When there is a maniac, bully or chronic allinsky bashing around at the table it helps to get others on your side with their own needles. As we know most maniacs have to have victims and need the action to satisfy their egos. A good needle can spin them out and tilt them.

There is much more to this tactic but for today I just want to announce that the name of my blog is changed to "The Point"   get it?  That only leaves one other thing...a good needle..

When the table folds pre-flop to the SB and you are on the BB it often happens that the SB will raise you all in. This is not a great play, risky too but lots of players do it. If I fold to this poor play I like to say...."duhh".  It encourages them to continue with this mistake.

So until next time... keep them in stitches!  lol