I guess you wonder where this is going.
Is he dropping names his own horn blowing?
Just read awhile and I‘ll put you at your ease.
The history is to help my case.
Cause it’s not ALL about how those Kings beat my Ace
But about People and Poker and Personalities.
The P’s are there every hand you bet.
Whether you play live or on the Net.
No matter if the game is fast or slow.
And I’ll blog about a thing called “ The Needle”
No cheap insult or whinge or wheedle
But a thing that I think every player should know.
You may not chat or talk at the table
But recognize this and you will be able
To keep your head when someone goes on the attack.
And sometimes you can put someone off their game
Just by mispronouncing their name
And peel a chunk of chips from off of their stack….
….to be continued