j2twww is my name and Texas Holdem is my game.
I've played live with many greats.Won some dough on a pair of 8's.
Got knocked out by Scotty Yuen because I didn't know what I was doing.
Played with Todd. Went Marlin fishing with him too.
We both got seasick and he turned blue.
Mike the Mouth called me a donk. A compliment from that wonk.

Made a friend of Kenna James. He signed my hat and helped with my game.
TJ and I palyed some hands in a tropical foreign land.
That was the night that Chip Reese died. Tj spoke and we almost cried.
Shared a table with a guy called Gavin, in less than a minute we all were laughing.
Got a good card on the river,  and knocked out that guy from Survivor.
And later when the table was broken, it was clear the tribe had spoken.

Clonie is a beautiful dish. She tried to teach me not to be a fish.
I've played with Sharon and Vanesa, and the wonderful sister of The Professor.
And lets not forget good Queen Lynda she'll turn your stack into a cinder.
The women of Poker are very nice but don't ever check to them twice.
They may be candy to the eyes but when it comes to cards they're very wise.
Yes I love the girls at the table but still try to beat them if I'm able.

....to be continued:wink: