In the video above, Dave 'TheLangolier' reviews a session of 2NL FR where the Hero is playing an ultra-tight conservative style usually categorised, somewhat negatively, as 'nitty' play.

Dave goes on to explain why this risk averse, low-variance strategy is profitable in the Micro-Stakes, with positive expected value.  He states the average villain plays too loosely, and is a prime target for value-extraction. In addition, these players are not yet aware, or disciplined, enough to take advantage of the nit's otherwise exploitable strategy.  To use the Angelo taboo word, these 'fish' can barely combat the nit at all!

Of course, it's good that Dave qualifies this viewpoint by saying that being a nit isn't necessarily the optimal strategy, even in the Micros.  But it's great that he makes it clear that ABC poker is more than enough to show a profit at these stakes.  Fancy plays are not required!

As the video proceeds, Dave talks about methods of adding value to the nit strategy, by becoming aware of profitable situations.  He reveals that simply widening one's opening range and playing more hands is not the answer.  One must instead search for better 'spots'; punishing the consistent passive limper; re-stealing out of the blinds against the over-aggressive button; pressurising the positionally unaware.

In conclusion, Dave’s video is both entertaining and informative. His specific hand analysis is clear and logical.  What’s more, his commentary draws the listener in, as opposed to the monotonous drone one can often hear in poker videos...!

So, if you’re a small stakes player, study this video and give it a try...  You might be surprised at the rewards ‘nitting it up’ can bring!