So this post is long over due but very necessary. My friends kept hating on me for spending lots of my time playing PSO's and micro stakes poker. Well back in December I was able to take my skills from PSO's and be rewarded greatly :-D . 
The tourney was $11 with 1,110 people registered.
It all started at 2am when i felt as if i was on top my game so i decided to hop into a $11 dollar tourney. Which at the time was at the top of my buyin allowances for myself. Within the hour i was chip leader of the tourney running amazing. Things were going great then bam out of no where my stack was disapearing. Yet from the PSO's i have learned patience and that you dont always have the best hand so i laid back watching people get KO'ed. 

Soon enough i noticed have the field was gone and i was about average stack. Then i went on a rush on got back in about the top 50 for chips feeling comfortable, and this time i was smart enough to lay off the gas and not throw them away.

Then its about 6 am and their are only 50ish people left and im sitting here short stack. 50 of 50. Not feeling great about where i was gonna finish. But then pokerstars rewarded my patience or something and gave me pocket Rockets BACK TO BACK :-D Also to many disbelief they both held up :-D  

Then lots of magical things happened and i was on the final table 2nd in chips. Dont get me wrong the final table was hard as hell. It took some where around 45 mins for the short stack to loose then they starded dropping like flies. First should have been 2,000  i believe if i remember right but i made a deal with the last dude left he got 1,600 and i got 1,800. I did this cuz i was tired as hell lol but the main point of this blog is KEEP ON YOUR GRIND :-D
I now have a brand new TV, XBOX, and rent for a few months.
GL ALL and KEEP ur shit up :-D