My name is Ivica , i'm 25 yrs old, I'm from Croatia and playing poker for a while (3 years) mostly live with friends. I've played some online poker on various poker rooms but somehow always come back to pokerstars ( i'm not saying this because this blog is on Pokerstars :mrgreen: :-D    ) 

             After I looked a lot of videos and read a lot of posts on many forums I decided to try PokerStars poker school. I did solve a couple of quizzes and I will start the PSO league. Today is my first day so I did not figured out all the best. I think this is a very good way to improve your game and learn many new things about poker strategy.

              Many times I was depositing smaller amounts on Pokerstars and I tried to play 6max cash, SNG (18,27,45 man) and various tournaments. I had no idea what is right for me so I tried everything. I had no bankroll management, so sooner or later I lost everything. I realized that I prefer cash games because I feel much freer when on the tournament as we approach the bubble I begin to be very nervous and start working bad plays.

Currently I have no money for the bankroll so I'll look at everything that Pokerstars school offers and learn a little more before I decide on the next deposit.